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Udaipur Taxi offered taxi service in bikaner for sightseeing.Bikaner is located in the northerly area of Rajasthan. One of the earliest established cities, Bikaner still displays its ancient opulence through palaces and forts, constructed of red sandstone, that have withstood the passing of time. The city boasts of some of the world’s best riding camels and is aptly nicknamed ‘camel country’.

The origins of Bikaner can be traced back to 1488 when a Rathore prince, Rao Bikaji, founded the kingdom. Fable delivers it that Bikaji, one of Rao Jodhaji’s five sons, left his father’s Durbar in annoyance after an insensitive comment from his male parent, the famous founder of Jodhpur. Bikaji travelled far and when he arrived upon the wilderness called Jangladesh, he determined to put up his own kingdom and transformed it into an impressive city.So book now udaipur taxi for bikaner sightseeing taxi.

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Gajner Palace And Lake

Gajner is an incomparable jewel of the Thar. The Gajner Palace was founded by Maharaja Gaj Singh ji of Bikaner in the year 1784, and then completed by the great Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner on the banks of the lake.

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Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

Just 32 kilometers from Bikaner, on the Jaisalmer road, is a lush green forest which is a haven to the nilgai, chinkara, black horse, wild boar, flocks of imperial sand grouse and many other species of migratory fowl that hit the sprawling forest their winter house.

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Devi Kund

The chhatri of Maharaj Surat Singh is a fine example of the architecture of that era. Devi Kund also has cenotaphs of 22 female members of the royal family prior to Maharaja Gaj Sigh Ji, who committed sati. Maharaja Surat Singh's Chhatri is built entirely in white marble with spectacular Rajput paintings on its ceiling.

Junagarh Fort

Junagarh is an impregnable bastion that holds the distinction of having never been caught.The fort complex houses some magnificent palaces built in red sandstone and marble and visitors can feast their eyes on an attractive assortment of courtyards, balconies, kiosks and windows.

Ganga Government Museum

Identified as the best museum in the State, the museum holds a plentiful presentation of archeological artifacts from Harappa and the early Gupta periods. At that place are separate sections for paintings, arts and craft, woven rugs, clay pottery, ancient coins and Rajput weaponry.

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Lalgarh Palace And Museum

Maharaja Ganga Singh commissioned the building of this royal castle. This architectural wonder is made exclusively of red sandstone. The design was conceptualized by Sir Swinton Jacob, who created this oriental fantasy by blending Rajputana, Islamic and European architecture.

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National Research Centre On Camel

The National Research Centre on Camel is 8 kilometers from the urban center. This camel research and breeding center is the only one of its kind in Asia. The Centre is spread out over 2000 acres of semi-arid soil and is wielded by the Government of India.

Laxmi Niwas Palace

Laxmi Niwas Palace was the mansion of the king of Bikaner, Maharaja Ganga Singh. Constructed between 1898 and 1902 by British architect Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob, this structure displays an Indo-Saracenic architectural style. It is nowadays a luxury hotel.

Prachina Museum

Situated in the great Junagarh Fort, this museum hosts royal costumes, textiles and accessories of Rajasthani royalty. The 'Poshaks' (garments worn by ladies) are a reminder of the now lost craft of traditional patterns, styles and workmanship.

Deshnok Karni Mata Temple

The Karni Mata Temple at Deshnok is a beautiful construction made of stone and marble, in which resides an image of Karni Mata. The image is embellished with a ‘market’ (tiara) and garlands.

Jain Temple Bhandasar

Ann Temple Bhandasar is a 15th century temple dedicated to the 5th Tirthankar (a person that has seized the cycle of life, death and rebirth and paved the way for others to attain nirvana), Sumatinathji, and is one of the oldest monuments of Bikaner.

Kodamdesar Temple

24 kilometers from Bikaner is the Kodamdesar Temple. Kodamdesar Bhainru Ji was installed by Rao Bikaji sometime during the first three years of his arrival from Jodhpur. This position of worship was initially selected as the site to lay the foundation of Bikaner.

Rajasthan State Archives

Visitors to the archives are mostly researchers and academicians who come hither to examine the ancient administrative records that are maintained here. Some of the records date back to the Mughal period and include, among others, Persian Farmans, Nishans, Manshurs, etc.Records created during the disposal of the various princely states of Rajasthan can also be found here.


Kolayat is an important pilgrimage spot for Hindus. Locals as well as fans from distant places visit this temple complex every year. Chronicle states the story of Kapil Muni, the advocate of Shankya yoga, who was so mesmerized by the tranquility of this situation that he interrupted his journey to the northwest and stopped here to convey away a ‘tapasya’ (penance) for the salvation of the universe.


Bikaner in Rajasthan is one of the best places for birders if they desire to spot some vultures. But, drive for approximately 12 km from the city, and you reach Jorbeed. If you are a bird watcher, then Jorbeed is your ‘spot of opportunities’.Jorbeed is one of the best placesto look at raptors. Birds like the Steppe Eagles, Griffon Vultures, and Egyptian Vultures are as common as crows in this region.

Horse Ecotourism

The National Research Centre on equines, Bikaner Campus has recently led an initiative to preserve and propagate equines through ecotourism. The Campus has now been afforded in the Indian and Foreign tourists. The ambiance of the campus in itself is a great drawing card.Withal, the campus has initiated Horse Riding, Pony Riding, Tonga Riding and Buggy Riding in the lush green zones of the campus.

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