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December 3, 2019

Pushkar would be the only place in A multitude of Hindu temples built the

a universe that will have a temple by the enthusiastic Rajput princes dedicated to him.

Taxi in Pushkar

and wealthy Jain, some of them now In the past it was also customary for

hidden in jungles, palaces, villages Rajput rulers to make an annual

and small towns and some even half pilgrimage to Pushkar.

The submerged in lakes following dot the ceremony of Tuladan will have

the religious landscape of Rajasthan. king seated on one side of the giant

scales and he received his weight in Pushkar – Brahma Temple

Taxi in Pushkar

gold, silver, precious stones or costly Designated by the name Tirtha fabric.

All this was later distributed which means the King of the Tirtha to the

Brahmins of this sacred city (Holy Places), it is at Pushkar that and used to

build the temples on the only temple consecrated to Lord banks of the lake.

Taxi in Pushkar

Brahma in India is located Pushkar is one of the five essential The temple

houses four-faced pilgrimage centers along with Char black image of

Brahma whose eyes Dham of Badrinath Puri Rames are encrusted with silver.

The warm and Dwarka that a Hindu temple is guarded by a finely carved

must visit and get a taxi in Udaipur marble gateway before the silver In

the month of November every sanctuary doors.

The marble floor year hundred thousands of pilgrims inset with hundreds

of silver rupees congregate to take the holy bath and coins surrounds a

silver turtle – it coincides with the Pushkar Fair, God carrier also attracting tourists from all

Pushkar owes it’s divine and around the world, see pg 210.

miraculous origin to the lake created by Lord Brahma.

performed a yagna (ritual fire During the 17-century, unsuccessful ceremony) over here.

Legend says in his attempts to convert Hindu that when the Lord was ready

to Islam, the fury of Mughal accomplish the sacred rites at Emperor

Aurangzeb was directed bank of this lake he found his wife, towards

massive destruction of the Savitri, missing among all the deities Hindu temples.

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