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October 21, 2019
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December 3, 2019


This enormous white edifice is the largest palace complex of Rajasthan.


The site of the palace perched majestically on a low ridge, towering above the placid waters of Pichola is truly mesmerizing. [ Taxi Service in Udaipur ]

The construction of this 30.4 meters high and 244 meters long structure was initiated by Udai Singh and further additions were made by his predecessors.

But, the additions were thoughtfully planned and integrated with the original structure, making it virtually impossible to believe that the palace complex was not conceived as one.

The palace complex is a conglomeration of eleven palaces, numerous courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, rooms and hanging gardens, built over a span of over three hundred years. [ Udaipur Taxi Service ]

Travel in Udaipur

The complex is approached through ‘Hathi Pol’ or the ‘ ‘Elephant gate’, along the main street of the old city, near the famous Jagdish temple.

The ‘Bara Pol’ or the ‘Great Gate’, brings you to the first courtyard which leads to the ‘Tripolia Gate‘, with eight carved marble arches or torans.

It marks the spot where the rulers were weighed against gold or silver and the equivalent value of which was distributed to the poor.

The way now leads to a series of courtyards overlapping pavilion terraces, corridors, and hanging gardens.

There is a ‘Suraj (Eckhada’ or the ‘Balcony of Sun’, where the Suryavanshi (sons of the Sun God) Maharanas of Mewar presented themselves in times of trouble to the people to restore their confidence.

The walls of the seventh century ‘Mor Chowk’ or ‘Peacock courtyard’ are adorned with three large peacocks (mor), a vivid mosaic in a glass.

The Zenana Mahal or ‘women’s quarters’ facing the Met Chowk has some of the most splendid rooms in the palace.

Other important chambers include the Sheesh Mahal, with inlaid mirror work and the Chandra Chowk or ‘Moon Square’, at the top of the palace.

The Krishna Vilas is full of fine miniatures depicting splendid scenes of royal processions, festivals of Holi and Diwali, the games of chogan, etc.

The ‘Chini Chitrashala’ is noteworthy for its blue and white Chinese and Dutch ceramics. [ Travel in Udaipur ]

The Bhim Vilas Palace exhibits a series of wall paintings on Lord Krishna. The Amar Vilas has a well laid out terrace garden.

The erstwhile rulers of Udaipur reside at Shiva Niwas. located to the south of the main palace. Adjoining the palace is a Government Museum.

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